The Mysterious Appearances of a Diner I Have Had Car Accidents Against Nothing


This second night of the week «First Dates»  oxymetholone erfahrung;returned to sit for dinner dozens of singles eager to find love. Carlos Sobera received Mar, a 20-year-old Valencian woman full of tattoos, who came telling that she was passionate about » sport, especially bodybuilding , and also dancing and singing.» In her love facet, she confessed to Sobera that she was a «too devoted girl. I would like to find a humble boy , who has a topic of conversation and who is affectionate. Also, if he is a tattooed man much better В».

Her partner was Carlos, a 23-year-old Mallorcan worker who in his presentation boasted that » every day I want sex , and I need someone to keep up with me.» The young man was full of tattoos, including on the face, and told the presenter that «the first thing I look at is the physical, and then if that is the character.» At first sight Mar loved her partner: В«I saw him come in and I said» look, they hit the nail on the head «В».

They sat at the table and he began by asking her if she would be willing to have an open relationship. She flatly refused and then the Majorcan explained to him that he wanted to be «an adult film actor» . Mar could not believe his words: В«With that he killed me. I could not be with a partner knowing that it does that В». That refusal was a stick for Carlos, who was very clear that he wanted to dedicate himself to it and who «does not accept that cannot be my partner».  anabole in Deutschland;They continued chatting and discovered that neither of them was a party man, something that pleased them very much and changed the perspective of dinner. In the end, both decided to give themselves a second chance to continue getting to know each other.

For the next dinner, Roni, a 47-year-old from Seville, crossed himself four times before entering the restaurant. Sobera’s attention was drawn to that gesture and she asked for him: «Since I was little I have to do everything four times: I touch things four times, before I made love four times … It’s a hobby I have.» The Sevillian took advantage of the situation to explain to Sobera that he was «sensitive, and I have had several experiences of apparitions .»

Roni began to tell the presenter these experiences. Ran over someone once and, of course, I thought it was a person. But when I went to get closer, I saw that it was a white figure , with a sad face, that went away at night В». According to him, it has happened to him up to six times. «I came to crash my car into nothing, but the wrecked car,» he said, «the subject was investigated by the Civil Guard and found nothing. I was discussing this with Iker Jiménez В». «Talk carefully about this to your partner,» Sobera recommended.

That couple turned out to be Silvia, a 48-year-old caregiver from Córdoba with «a great desire to get excited again.» Both of them were delighted at first sight: » Silvia’s face has light , I could see her soul in her.» What she liked was checking that Roni smelled very good. «I’m going to tell you a lot of things,» he warned her before sitting down at the table.

They started chatting about pointless topics, but gradually he paved the way to talk about his supernatural experiences . Between compliments and compliments, since Roni was defeated at Silvia’s smile, he told her about his mysterious car accident that is the cause. «You’re leaving me cold,» said the Cordovan, «I share what you say, but until I see it I don’t believe it.» Silvia was not scared of Roni’s magical experiences and the dinner continued as normal. The outcome was happy for both of them, who were very comfortable on the date and wanted to repeat the experience.

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